Über mich oben

About me

I am Johanna. I love movement. I love to move.

Mobility gives us the freedom to change our location and our perspective. With my work I will enable you to move painlessly and vividly and at the same time feel safe. My coaching will guide you to find a good balance between mobility and stability. I am enthused time and time again about how I can react more relaxed and move more efficiently by letting go of unnecessary tension.

I discovered the Alexander Technique through a very personal experience. I know the feeling when you can’t get out of bed any more without help because of pain. I know what it’s like when you don’t know how to sit, stand, and lie down to have a moment of rest from pain. And I have experienced that it is possible to get rid of regularly recurring back pain permanently without surgery and with holistic work with my own movement pattern.
I have achieved free mobility and flexible resilience of my back. This has also improved my overall coordination and flexibility. Plus a more relaxed attitude towards life in general. This is possible for all of us, regardless of age.

For all of you who also want some classic facts:
I studied civil engineering and have worked since 2008 with the design of underground stations and the evaluation of construction time disruptions. Since 2017 I have been a teacher for the Alexander Technique, certified by the Alexander Technik Verband Deutschland ATVD.

Further trainings
  • January 2020 : Weekend seminar “ „How to Teach the Alexander Technique in Groups“ by Richard Brennan
  • January 2020: Evening Seminar „Wholeness and Working with Musicians“ by Robert Britton
  • March till November 2019: Extra-occupational training in Bewegungsevolution® by Martina Kunstwald
  • February 2019: Spektrum Rolfing® Anatomie der European Rolfing® Association
  • January 2019: Evening Seminar “Moving from the Centre” by Robert Britton
  • June 2018: Day Seminar “Strong Shoulders, Strong Core?” by Katy Bowman
  • March 2018: Day Seminar “Alexander-Technik & Bewegungsevolution® – Die frühkindliche Bewegungsentwicklung als Basis der späteren Gewohnheiten verstehen” by Martina Kunstwald
  • January 2018: Evening Seminar “Standing Dynamically” by Robert Britton


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I offer Intro Sessions without any obligation 10 € for 30 Minutes. You can get to know me, receive your first coaching and there will be time for all of your questions

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