Online movement coaching

Movement coaching works through my differentiated perception of how you move. Which muscles you use and to what extent. You get feedback from me where you can do less, how you can use your movements differently, how you can use your body in another way. The change happens because you modify your thinking and thus control your muscles in a new way.
Via video I see how you move and in which areas you use unnecessary strength. I give you feedback on this. By watching my video you can see how it can be done in another way. I will guide you through how you can move differently.
You will learn how to change your posture and movement habits for the better.

Sounds good? But you are still not sure if holistic movement coaching can really help you?
Book your intro session right here. In the intro session you will get your first coaching and can ask me any question.

30 minutes, € 10,-

You can book an Intro Session via the form below. Please note that the online booking only is available in german. If you prefer to contact me in english to arrange an appointment, just call or email me.

I am looking forward to meeting you!