Body and Movement Coaching

Move with ease in your day to day life.

The holistic coaching accompanies you on your individual way to
to permanently release tension and reduce stress.

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What do you want to change?

Relieve back pain

You’ve tried pretty much everything to get rid of your back pain? Yoga, Blackroll and similar things do you good, but they don’t bring any permanent relief? Your pain restricts your daily life? As you have landed here, you surely know what I am talking about. But it doesn’t have to stay that way: With the help of the Alexander Technique I can show you how to move freely through your day again. I can show you how to deal with stress so that it doesn’t get stuck in your back. And how you use your new tools to prevent pain in the long run.

Learning ease

Serenity, clarity, being grounded. Freedom for creative processes and space for new tasks. What does this have to do with your body? Everything. Because if you learn to move with ease and to stand up relaxed, you will develop a completely new presence – no matter whether you are standing at the checkout in the supermarket or giving a presentation to your customer. This confidence in you and your body will give you more room for self-determined decisions every day. Not only today or next week, but also in the future.


Sense how you can develop a better body feeling – and get to know the basics of our anatomy and physiology.


Understand and experience the holistic interaction of body and mind in order to achieve sustainable changes.

Mindful & individual
Mindful & individual

Change your movement patterns and reaction patterns at your own pace – and learn to let go to evolve.

My coaching for you

In each session you are treated manually by me. The touch is gentle and specific at the same time. It leads to a reduction of your tension and allows you to experience new movement possibilities or reaction options. This happens while lying, sitting or in movements that are particularly relevant for you. At the same time, you will receive valuable advice on how to integrate the new impulses into your everyday life. This achieves a lasting change – completely without regular exercises, but with new freedoms.

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Starter Set
€ 225,-


Regular Session
in the studio € 70,-
online € 55,-

Single Session
in the studio € 85,-
online € 65,-

Intro Session

30 minutes to meet me & get coached
Time for all your questions
€ 10,-

Johanna is a very sympathetic, professionally experienced and a clearly structured therapist. She takes individual goals into account, takes personal character traits seriously and always stays goal-oriented in her methods. I feel very comfortable with her and can therefore easily receive and implement the treatment and coaching.
Loretta, 38entrepreneur
Every day I benefit from your valuable Alexander Technique Coaching and the new physical balance I could find. Long lasting and very strong pains in the area of my shoulder are completely gone and a new joy of life and agility have emerged.
Marion, 54dental hygienist
Whether she wants it or not, every day when I get on my bike I think of Johanna. The Alexander Technique- but above all Johannas words- have created in me a permanent awareness for my movement sequences and helped me to recognize my patterns and routines, to check them and sometimes to completely rethink them and to change them for the better. Like riding a bicycle.
Katharina, 37entrepreneur
I experienced Johanna at an introductory evening to the Alexander Technique. She gave us a varied and informative experience of the principles of the Alexander Technique. Patient, interested and sensitive, she responded to the individual questions and concerns of the participants. What particularly fascinated me was how she used her trained touch to set specific impulses on the body.
Julia, 35Teacher
Through the Alexander Technique I have become aware of the possibility of dealing with my everyday movements. While in sports I always try to perform my movements efficiently and in a healthy way, in everyday life I have mostly neglected this. Through the Alexander Technique, everyday movements can also be made conscious, questioned and performed “better” or healthier.
Anna-Julia, 33cultural manager